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I started it…I probably should continue

When I was working at House of Fashion I made baby quilts for those that had babies…Well those same people keep having them. Some times I have wondered if they have the babies cause they want them…or they just want the quilt…

I no longer work for House of Fashion but I continue to visit and make baby quilts. Here is the next batch of quilts that will be delivered soon.This BABY is now over 1 year…they have gotten used to getting toddler quilts. The pattern is called Easy Bake by Me and My Sister Designs and it is super simple. I think I used 10″ squares for the fabric. I have been wanting to try different all over quilting patterns, this was the perfect time. On quilts that it didn’t really matter if it wasn’t perfect. I did big and little swirls all over. I liked the quilting but not the thread that I was working with. Well the machine didn’t like it, the thread broke quite often.  Buster decided I needed his help, I remember asking for it though. You can see the quilting a little more in this photo.

I did better on the next 2 quilts, they still are babies. This one was another simple pattern called 3-6-9 Quilt by P3 Designs. They work great for baby quilts. The quilting on this one is a meander. It is the easiest quilting pattern known to man. A detail on the quilting. Sidebar – My parents and I went to lunch one Sunday in Folsom and found a new quilt shop, Sew Fun Fabrics. 🙂 They have lots of fun fabric. I got the backing for this quilt and the previous quilt when we stopped in after lunch.When I was putting this post together I realized I didn’t have pictures of this quilt… I quickly got that taken care of. The quilt uses 10″ squares. Perfect if you get them in a monthly packet. Mom and I went to  River City’s quilt show several weeks ago and I got this pattern, called Jungle Fever by The Quilt Company. Another good one for babies and gifts for any age. Detail on the quilting…I spy Stars! Stars were fun to put in and among the meander, they are like snowflakes all individuals. 🙂

With these three I get caught up at House of Fashion just in time for the next crop of babies to come through. However with the church babies…I better get started on those ones…

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