Me and Beginings

I quilt.
I love color.
I like to touch fabric.
I enjoy slowly wondering through quilt shops looking at the new fabrics and checking out the new patterns that I might like to add to my collection.
I can do a lot of damage in a quilt shop if the fabric monster in me isn’t kept under control.

My goal with this blog is to keep all those that are interested in what I am doing current. (That means I have to update this regularly right????)

I am going to try and post photos of my projects for customers, for sale, for gifts, and for myself. We will see how this goes.

I have started a quilting business. I can make or finish your quilt. And some day soon, there will be quilts for sale. I have a web site, sunflwrdesignz. Check it out.

2 thoughts on “Me and Beginings

  1. Aren’t you glad now that I drug you around to all those fabric shops when you were little? Something good is going to be growing just like ‘sunflowers’ bright, happy and bringing a smile to all see them. Love you, mom

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