Jungle Print

A year ago a precious baby boy from China came home to a friend of mine. I finished his quilt this week. It all started with this fabric. I found it at Tayo’s and loved it. I am proud to say that the focus fabric was the only piece I bought for this quilt. The rest of the fabric came from my stash.

This is the final product. The pattern is Arcadia by Mountainpeek Creations, bought at Tayo’s Fabric. It was an quick and easy pattern perfect for a large focus or for a couple. The pattern is written for fat quarters which makes it even easier. When I was piecing the top I didn’t think of the fact that the Jungle print is directional, so the animals are going in all directions. But it worked out just fine. You can see some of the quilting in this photo. I used the King Tut thread again and again it worked perfectly. It will definitely be the thread of choice from now on.

An even closer photo trying to get the quilting to show…It worked a little bit.

I pieced the back on this one also. I had leftover stripes from the front and the green fabric from some other quilt. The combination of those and the Jungle print worked out pretty good. Unfortunately I didn’t make sure that the back wasn’t big enough for the front. So when I got to the last 6 inches of quilting I had to take the whole quilt off, sew on a 2 inch strip (the green strip on the left) and put the quilt back on the machine to finish the quilting. It was fun. 🙂

Close up of the back, if you are interested.

It is labeled and gifted. It feels good to get another one done. The quilt is awesome but not as awesome as our boy. 🙂

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