My Sister is a Piecer

I say she is a piecer, because she doesn’t quilt, she just pieces the top and puts it in a pile for me to quilt. Well, I must be fair, she quilted the first one and then decided that quilting isn’t for her…but piecing is. 🙂 It’s alright. I can practice on her quilts.

This was the first I quilted for her. I outlined the horses and zig-zaged in the denim sashing.

This was the next one…I think. It has flowers and mazes and stars and I don’t remember what else.

Then there were the Penguins. It just has stars in the meander…

I spy…Stars!

Speaking of stars. This one was made for a friend of her’s that was injured while fighting over seas. I don’t know how many yards of thread got used on this quilt…but there is a lot of quilting.

I filled in all the space with quilting that followed the flow of the fabric. And an inner echo in the star.

The quilting shows nicely on the back also. What a beautiful gift to show love and help with healing. We are thankful for our Soldiers!

These are all from the girl that wasn’t really sure about “quilting”. All of these…just came out of her head, no patterns needed. Good Job Margaret!

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