Productive Saturday

My weekend was quite productive…

It went kind of like this…

workout – eat breakfast – study my Bible – quilt

My sister – the piecer, has a stack of quilts at my house, so I wanted to get some of them done.

This quilt got hearts and stars all through out. My machine worked great…How ever on the next one was blessed with skipped stitches.

Quilted in an all over meander with big swirls in the squares.

And of course, I had helpers…In the middle of the second quilt (the one above) I had to run to the store to get more thread…since I was going, I decided to pick up some more supplies for a couple other projects.

Backing and binding to go with this pre-pieced fabric. I was able to quilt and bind this one and post it on ebay for sale.

Quilted in swirls with cup cakes on the back made this quilt very fun for someone special. Along with this quilt, I will use some of the pre-pieced fabric to make a dress accented with yellow, pink, blue and green trim and orange ric-rac.

I also had some pillow cases that had been started…might as well finish them and put them up for sale.

The sherbert colors will brighten any room.

Then…it was food and work out again…just for fun and out to Starbucks for the use of their internet…

When I checked my email…there is a message that says I have received a payment…FOR WHAT? I open it, and what a surprise, an item had sold off of etsy…I will be going my the post office on Monday to mail it out to Germany. 🙂

It was a full and productive day.

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