Fiber Art

I took a class today with my sister. I don’t remember the teacher, I will get that info and update this post when I have it. We made trees using a technique with lots of layers, stitches and color.

There were several steps to create the foundation and then build your tree from that. Each one turned out so different. It was neat to see them all. Here is mine.Details of the tree – it began as a dark maroon color.And a close up of the leaves…yes some are blue.And then there are the roots. and ground.An interesting twisted/gathered yarn technique…but I forgot to twist, so mine is just gathered.And being the over achiever that I am…I added a sun.It was a fun class. Interesting techniques. But they take forever…

I think I am going to add WELCOME to the side opposite the sun or along the bottom. I couldn’t think what else I would do with just a tree…that’s on pink and turquoise…It had to have a purpose.

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