More for Lil Miss Quilt’m

I have more for Lil Miss…

3 more to be exact.

First there is Jenny. She was a plain denim jumper found at a thrift store. I added big red and little white ric-rac and snowflakes (also found at the thrift store).The bib…Pocket…
Front skirt…And back. Isn’t she cute?

Then we have Rebecca. She also was found at a thrift store and only had a cute belt to claim, but look at her now.She has ruffles and buttons.Buttons at the top of godets (They came from a shirt which was also found at a thrift store…I like thrift stores).And ruffles at the front…And back…with more buttons. She too is cute and ready to go to a new home.

And last, but not least is Cherry.

From this pile of color…She was created.With large orange ric-rac and blue at the top with yellow and green ties…And large orange ric-rac and bows at the bottom…She is very charming. So cute and with lots of bright colors she is bound to bring smiles to all who see her.

Now that they are all finished…I just need to find a little girl to model them. Unless they are purchased before that happens… 🙂

More items to come, I have a embellished pink denim skirt on its way to being completed.

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