Funding my Survival

Lately, I have had lots of quilts to quilt. And with out internet, getting off early (when I had a job) and now that I don’t have one; I have lots of time to quilt. A quick list and description of them is as follows:

For my sister the piecer, three quilts.

I quilted this one with rounded seams in the 9-patch and echo quilting around the initials and date.

This one has alternating stippling and angled spirals in the rectangles and triangles.

The last quilt I did for her, an all over meander graces this quilt.

One of my clients came from a displayed quilt at my chiropractor. She has been busy and by default of being her quilter, so have I.This quilt is simply quilted with an all over meander.

One of my client’s sons likes paisley…so paisley he gets. Let’s play I spy…the paisley quilt was quilted with paisleys with in a meander, can you spot them?

I assisted my client to pick out the fabric for this quilt. It is quilted with rounded 8 pointed stars, a meander between them, and a ladder in the out side borders.

The triangles were quilted alternately with a meander and a double echo.

Her other son likes Crown Royale. He collected bags and insisted on using them on a quilt. As for quilting, the bags are outlined inside and out, a spiral in the diamonds and meander through out the rest.

I just picked up a polka dot quilt from her, photos of the quilting to come.

For another return customer that deals with antiques, I quilted a quilt with antique hankies made in to the skirts of society girls. The girls are outlined and an all over meander is through out the white background and outside border. Other borders and sashing have a ¼ outline.

I have begun to quilt for my mom.

It began with a table runner made for her Bread and Butter Quilting Circle. It has rounded edges in the log cabin, stars in the centers, flowers in the bordering triangles, and diagonal ladders in the outside border.

This quilt is another one for the quilting circle, I did an all over meander with roses scattered through out.

This quilt is for the daughter of one of my cousins. The quilting contains rounded edges and stars in the blocks and a meander among the back ground.

And from a new client we have a red chain on white.

This quilt has straight lines through the 3 chains and red border and an all over meander in the white back ground.

Finally, the list is complete. But I am thankful for each one. They provide a challenge as to how it will be completed and funds to support my survival. 🙂

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