The “Unclothed” Chair

I have begun the Upholstery Job. The chair (and now the couch) are both uncovered.

It all began with gathering up these tools. A trusty screwdriver and pliers. My dad later customized a screwdriver for me with a bend tip… Thanks Dad.

With tools in hand I commenced removing staples and removing staples and removing staples. They just kept coming. Because I haven’t done this before, I have taken photos as I have disassembled so I can put it all back together.

While working on it, my cats have enjoyed the new playground.

Or hiding place (my brother came over and they couldn’t handle it) I spy a tail…

Who’s there?

Just us…hiding from the big scary man in the house…
After a couple hours of contorting myself in various positions in order to get all the staples off, we have a naked chair…

Lining, staples…

And more staples. And these are just for the chair. I finished the couch yesterday but I haven’t uploaded the photos yet.

Since the foamAnd fabricIs all here and I soon with have less space to work on it…I better get a move on.

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