It is Finished…

The couch and chair are complete!

I made a delivery on Thursday to a happy customer. Remember what it looked like when I got it?It was kinda unsightly, with normal wear and tare including cat and kid damage. I received a couch and chair. I know wish I had photos of the before complete with arms and cushions. But we will have to settle for what we have.

Oh the fun we had playing hide and seek in the couch!

But after lots of staples and hours later, the pieces looked a bit bare.

While I didn’t take the time to take photos all the in between stuff from: the fabric and my self all over the kitchen floor to cut out the pattern. And the struggles of sewing it all together. My sewing machine didn’t like the fabric and I had the baby it through the whole project. Or of the day spent putting it all back together, stuffing the memory foam into the cushion covers, contorting the body to staple the cover secure and the final part of putting the arms back on. I did get pictures of the final product.

The couch…and chair…Are both complete and delivered.

And they fit just right!

It was a good project. A learning experience and one I would repeat. However, I might be more selective on the fabric that is used. The additional finishes on the fabric and my machine didn’t get along well. If I did more of the heavy duty fabric an industrial machine would have to be acquired and I don’t have money or room for that.

But bring on the upholstery…one piece at a time.

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