Repairing the Old but Special

I made a quilt for my Grandma and Grandpa #1 for their 50th wedding anniversary in 1998. While it is special because I made it for them, what adds to that, is the signature of every one in the family that is on it. Before the gift was given we had all the family members at time sign the quilt. Since then, Grandma has been faithful to bring it to every wedding and family event when the new baby was announced for the new members to sign the quilt. It is a record of us all.

A couple years ago, Grandma had a dog that got a hold of the quilt and damaged it.

Two years ago, Grandma gave me the quilt to fix it. And as is my bad habit, if it isn’t in front of me, I forget to do anything. So when I moved I made sure to keep it in my line of vision, it is easy when you live in a small space, so that I would complete it this year before Christmas. And I did, with some time to spare.

Here is a close up of the damage.

I first had to figure out what pieces needed to be replaced and if I had the fabric to do so. Fortunately there was some fabric left over from when we made the quilt, the floral, green and pink fabrics were on hand. I just needed to find a white and yellow print.

I pieced together the needed section and top stitched it to the top of the quilt. I added the needed batting and hand applied a piece on the back.

Because it would take longer to put on and take off the quilt from the quilting machine than to actually quilt it, I figured I would just quilt it on my regular machine. It reminded me of how thankful I am to have the quilting machine, it makes quilting a breeze.

Then I washed it and look. You can hardly tell where the addition was made. It is good to have it done and ready.

Unfortunately, two of my nephews baby hands were on the section where the damage was. But we can get them to sign it again this year.

Grandma it is ready for you! I can’t wait to see you again, it’s been a long time.

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