Suprise! I have been quilting…

As mentioned before, my quilting machine was down for a month. During that time I had stock piled quilts to do and now that the machine is back in action, I have quilted.

Here they are…all completed.

I added the borders, quilted and bound this quilt. Quilting in a stipple around the embroidery and ladders in the borders.

This was made for my client’s grandson, I quilted, adding sail boats and stars and bound the quilt.

A beautiful antique quilt, quilted with an all over meander. the double pattern is amazing and all hand pieced. I machine quilted of course. This customer brings me antiques to quilt all the time. She used to use her sister’s quilter back east, but after finding me here local she has sent her quilts to me. Since I began quilting her quilts, she has showed them to her sister, and now her sister is sending her’s to me also. The following fan is from back east.

Echos and echos outline the fans, yellow straight and scalloped borders, then a simple stipple in all the white.

My mom’s log cabin was in this bunch, quilted with echos and 4 leaf flowers.

My customer found from my chiropractor keeps me busy. She has this one and the next 2 quilts. he fall leaves are outlined and a stipple all around.

The quilt of pansies got pansies in the big squares, center of the 9-patches, and in the borders.

This quilt has outlines in the solid squares, flowers in the center squares and waves in the borders. The recipient of this quilt wanted mermaids…So she got a mermaid among the waves.

Quilting…quilting…quilting…that is what I have been doing. Among job searching and interviews and Thanksgiving and what ever else comes across my way. Enjoy!

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