I’m still alive and quilting…

While I have been off the scene of action on the web…I haven’t been idle. A variety of projects have been finished just with in the last couple weeks.This is the second quilt I have done for this customer. It’s a fun pattern. I echo quilted with in the pinwheels. In the cream background and into the blue border there is a meander with hearts and flowers strewn through out.

While this is the first quilt I completed for this customer, when she brought it over, I was expecting 3 quilts…when she arrived, she had 5. That was exciting. As this quilt has multiple fabrics with in the stripes, I decided to quilt it to the fabrics and stripes, every row is different. There are flowers, echos, peacock feathers, meanders, swirls and more.  

This customer had a photo of a room that she was duplicating and what a quilt just like the one in the picture. I don’t applique, but my sister does. So contracting out the applique work, we were able to create this.

This is the photo we had to go off of…I think we did pretty well. And the customer was happy, that is all that matters.

This is a quilt for a customer that I have done many for. I believe it is for a future grandchild that isn’t even on its way. Nothing like being prepared. Exciting news though, when this quilt was delieved I picked up 3 more for her. Repeat customers are the best…I like new ones too. 🙂

Another T-shirt quilt, she is off to college and Mom wanted a T-shirt quilt for her graduate of all her favorite High School shirts. What a great way to treasure those memories with out needing lots of storage.

This quilt is 2 sided. The customer’s buddy is having a baby boy. They both like baseball teams that start with a B and the child’s last name will also start with a B…so why not make a B quilt. We have the Baltimore Orioles on one side…And the Boston Red Sox on the other. My sister did the applique once again, that is so convienient…meaning I don’t have to do it. The quilting is just an all over meander with some baseballs and bats scattered in.

While these have been completed, I have many more in their tubs awaiting their turn on the machine and Christmas orders coming in…I will be busy, and busy is what I like

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