Fabric Stoves

What’s a fabric stove?

It all started with an email from my sister…the piecer. You remember her, right?

In it there was a tutorial from Joyful Abode on how to make a Fabric Stove. I thought I can do that and I have enough scraps to do so with out having to go to the store. This happened on Saturday, I had a wedding to go to in a couple hours and about 12 quilts sitting in my garage awaiting their turn, and I start rummaging though my stash to find fabrics for fabric stoves.

This is what I came up with…

Yep…5 of them, out of scraps…and so cute.

What a perfect place for a future cook to begin learning the ropes.

They can be made to match your child’s style. Of course they aren’t realistic, but they work great for pretending.

And best of all…

They are portable….roll them up, tie the ribbon and off you go…to Grandma’s kitchen.

These stoves will be traveling to a couple craft fairs before they are listed online for sale (hopefully these will all be sold and new ones will be listed) but if you would like one, they can be special ordered. Contact me for information.



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