New quilting design

This is the current quilt on the machine. I finished one before church this evening. When I got back home I had a bit of time and decided to take that one off (photos to come once it is bound) and put the next one on. Then because it was only 10:00…why not quilt for 30 minutes right?
I was looking up different feet for my machine the other night and came across a youtube video of someone quilting pebbles…I latched on to those. So I am trying them out here.

I like them…but because you are going around the pebbles more than once they take a lot of thread. I didn’t think about that. And with the smaller size pebbles, there is a lot of quilting and thus more time. But over all…I like the look. Maybe not on a whole quilt again, but definitely for filler spaces…I can do round pebbles, oval or squared…plain or decorated…the options are numerous.

What do you think?

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