My Most Recent Acquisition

This is my machine. I got it about 15-17 years ago. A Bernina and she has treated me very well. A couple weeks ago, she got sick and it was about that time that I began to think of giving her a much needed retirement. Not putting her away for ever, but giving her some room to breathe and relax.

So when I went to pick her up from the sewing machine doctor, I looked around and found what I thought would be a good replacement, the Serenade by Baby lock. I got some information and left and kept thinking about the new one. The fancy features of duel feed and sewing with the push of a button. A sensor that will warn you when you are almost out of a bobbin and being able to wind the new one while you are still sewing. These were just a few of the selling points. It was also less than what I was expecting to pay for a new one.

I took a more difficult project with me on Monday to play with the machine. I make several quilts out of clothing which gives me seams of varying thicknesses. I had a quilt like this that I needed to finish the binding on. I went and played and I liked. But my sales guy wasn’t there…

So I came back today, and after some time, playing some more, asking some questions, getting a free foot and shank, writing my check, the kind man carries the box out to my truck.

She made it home. But I couldn’t open her right away, I had to eat and I knew that if I didn’t stop then to eat it would be another couple hours and I would be hurting. So with dinner complete, I began the unveiling.

And her she is. All shiny, clean with bright lights. She fits just right in the hole in my table…well I will need to have the lift adjusted a little lower, but other than that she is a great fit.

But there is no time to play, work must be completed. I had some binding to do for a quilt that needs to be on it’s way to San Francisco tomorrow. The Serenade sews like a dream. There are a few things, like with all new toys, that I will have to get used to, but all in all. I am happy she is home.

As promised yesterday, here is the quilt I finished on the big machine before starting on my pebbles. I bound it this evening on the Serenade and boxed it up. 

My customer’s mother did the embroidery and piecing I believe. I did the quilting and binding.

The quilting is very simple, outlining with in the rings and an 8 petal flower to mimic the embroidered flowers.

My customer picked out a cheery yellow back and a nice blue to bind. It brings out the embroidered rings perfectly.

One more quilt is done, 9.5 more to finish this month…then I need lots more to pay for that beauty of a machine. I won’t ever forget what the Bernina has done for me. Thanks mom for the gift that she was, she lasted a long time and sewed many miles for me. I think she will be my traveling buddy. 🙂

Any one need a quilt made or finished?

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