A VERY Busy Week

It’s been a busy week…

First I was looking online for some fall crafts that I could do real quick for some table decorations for a Harvest Festival at my church. I came across this super cute yet simple felt leaf garland. It was a must do, so I did it.

For now…it graces our Gallery…

I had to find someplace to put it and away just didn’t seem right.

While I was working on the leaf garland, my handy brother was adding light fixtures to my garage and hanging the bar for my design wall.I no longer have to work in the dark or semi-dark. The fixture over the quilting machine has bulbs in it now, I just don’t have a photo. My garage can be as bright as noon any time of day. I love it. 

I don’t have a quilt in progress to put on the design wall…but i love this quilt and it fits just right. (I still need to quilt it)

On Monday I finished the pebble quilt…

I like the pattern a lot and now that I have used, I know how to use it better. It takes more time and lots of thread. It will be a good filler, not so great for the whole quilt. While I like it as an all over pattern, it isn’t very practical.

And I finished the Teal & Red Butterflies…

I love the color combo. I spy the butterfly.

I even got this quilt on the machine…

It has since been finished, but I don’t have photos of it yet. Again I like the colors. I need to use the teal more, it goes so well with many colors.

As it is nearing Halloween…we can’t leave out the custom made costumes…

Lions… and tigers…

and…Ohh My…

I made the simple yet effective costumes for my friends children. The tiger is still determining whether she will have a face mask or just painted whiskers. However, she will have orange and black striped tights with orange laced black converse tennis shoes.  They are adorable, but then those kids are no matter what they wear.

Then finally…I was given this blanket to repair.

Unfortunately the dog had gotten ahold of it…

I was asked to repair it, at lease fix it so it could be used.

I came up with 4 satin patches. It had to be even over the whole blanket and still leave the majority of the original still intact. Plus what kid doesn’t like the silky smooth satin to rub?

A busy and productive week…the best to have… 🙂

2 thoughts on “A VERY Busy Week

    1. I’m glad the blanket will work…sometimes it is difficult to know how best to repair something. The teal does go well with all the colors. Those are one of my customer’s quilts, I just quilted them. They are beautiful.

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