Memory Quilts

This last month I created several memory quilts for a few customers. From T-shirt quilts to baby clothes to the clothes from a lost loved one, each one has it’s place.

A few years ago I was commissioned by my cousin to make a quilt for her daughter with the T-shirts she collected throughout grade school. Last year my cousin’s friend contacted me to make a quilt with her daughter’s shirts. The 2 girls went to school together and several shirts were familiar but both quilts were unique. I completed the second quilt this month and the Mom was very happy. 🙂


The sashing has dots in all colors. And those shirts that were too small, I framed with the fabric from the back to make them the same size of the rest of the shirts.IMG_6517

I ran out of room on the front so I added the tie-dye shirt on the back.


The next 2 quilts were commissioned by a customer that found me through Etsy. Her brother had passed away a few years ago and wanted a couple memory quilts made, one for herself and one for her parents.IMG_6537

I used batik as the sashing and borders. IMG_6540

The squares were cut from jeans and shirts from the loved one that had passed away.IMG_6541Each quilt was to have a quote, the first one had “In this world you will have trouble, but take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33.


Here is the second quilt for the same color. I used a green batik instead of blue.IMG_6543

Again the squares are from his clothing. The sashing varies in size from 1″ on the outside rows, to 2″ and then 3″ in the middle.IMG_6544

This quilt has the following quote: No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path. BuddhaIMG_6546

The last quilt that I finished this month was made of those precious baby clothes that a mother can’t part with.IMG_6549

These are fun, as you can fussy cut out the special items of each piece. IMG_6553

If you look closely, you can find buttons and rosettes, ribbons and pockets.


The back was pieced with the crib dust ruffle and additional yardage.

Each quilt, different in look and design, but each filled with love and memories.

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