Some new happenings are going on in my studio. While I won’t ever get an award for the cleanest and most organized places of work (like this one)


But things are in the works to make it a little easier to keep on top of it all.

It all started a couple weeks ago when I opened a tub that has the supplies for a customers quilt and I couldn’t remember who it belonged to. I did figure it out after a couple moments, but thought that unneeded a way to label to tubs so there aren’t future mistakes.
Enter idea chalkboard paint on the tubs…


What a great way to keep everything straight. Then I had to find the chalk. Can you believe that Safeway didn’t have regular chalk? Only side walk chalk…and that was too thick. I found it at the next stop.


I had to get the colored kind. And all the boxes are labeled with names and return dates.


That is the first new thing. Then this last weekend I went to my grandmother’s house and picked up an old dresser…


The future home of my fabric. I have to do some work to make it useable, but I’m excited about the project.

That’s all for the organization for now…probably all I can handle at one time. I will post photos once the dresser is finished nd full. Till next time…

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