While the Quilter is away

That’s right…I’m gone. I have gone to Monterey.


I have come on a girls trip,


my mom, 2 sisters and I are here for the weekend.


A time for shopping,


card games, relaxing, ocean time and laughter. It is good to be together. And the waves speaks to my soul.

As the waves speak, I continue to think about my quilting, starting the business, doing my homework, etcetera. I have figured out my “WHY”. Why I want to start/run my own business. I want to be able to help those in need with out neglecting other obligations. If a friend or relative needs a ride, kids need to be watched, or they need help at the church…I want to be available to stop what I am doing and go. This is probably my number 1 reason. For a long time my reason was to work at home when I have children, but I don’t have any children and won’t in the near future, so that has become a distant goal. I also like the idea of planning my own schedule and being flexible..but that goes back to my first reason why I want to do this.

I was also given the task to figure out my USP. I have some of that. Many quilters will only quilt. I will make a quilt, from fabric, with t-shirts, or other clothing. I will finish your quilt if it just needs to be bound or will quilt it if you have a completed top. Maybe your grandmother made a quilt top or blocks and you don’t sew but u want it finished…I can do that also. Almost anything to do with quilting…I am willing to take a look and consider the job. I have yet to find another quilter that is open to the variety of custom work. I have seen the custom quilt option on websites, but all quilt shops that I have been to say that it’s hard to find a quilter that is willing.

I have also started to list out my goals…I haven’t completed those yet…and I don’t know if you can ever reach the end or compile a full list of goals. They tend to grow as the years pass.

And as I sit here eating my breakfast I open the cover to Quitter by Jon Scuff,


Closing the gap between your day job and your dream job. Reading up and thinking through this whole quilting full time thing.

But now, it’s time to pack the bags for a day of more strolling through shops. I think we are going to The Barn Yard. A collection of shops set up in barn like structures…should be fun. And I get to see the ocean waves again…one of my favorite things.


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