T-shirt Post Cards…

I just ordered my t-shirt Postcards. Yea! One more step done. This is what they will look like, thanks to my sister-in-law with great design skills.

QuiltM postcard frontFront

QuiltM postcard backBack

I think she did a great job! 4000 5×7 postcards will soon be delivered to my door.

Since this is all starting to get bigger than just a hobby that I do on nights and weekends (that is when I will continue to do all the work at least for the time being. I am not ready to leave my 8-4:30 job yet) I decided to order real invoices…photos to come when they arrive.

Next step, take in my application and check for the Eppie’s Race. It is starting to become more real…more excitement and some trepidation. I hope I and my helpers can keep up with what might come in…wait…I hope we have trouble keeping up with all the orders.

Besides all the working on the business stuff…I have had to work in the business too. I was able to get 3 quilts made/quilted this week. And 1 of the three is bound and complete. Photos of those will follow also once they are complete.


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