Quilting Brand

A friend of mine was over the other day and I was showing her the studio (garage) and my portfolio. As she was looking through my books she asked if I had a signature or image that I quilt into all of the pieces I do. I don’t…or I should say I didn’t. This has been something that I have thought about, trying to come up with the right thing for me.

I had heard of this type of thing before. There is a quilter that incorperates a turtle in to the quilting of all their pieces. And I have had at least 2 customers mention the idea. While I like the idea…I could never settle on what I wanted to represent me.

At first I thought about a sunflower. That would represent the business name of Sunflower Designs, but I wasn’t completely sold. Then today while driving, I thought of doing a Q and an M connected for Quilt’m. Ok…I liked that idea…now to think some more and draw it out. I was finishing up a quilt this evening and wanted to brand it, there is no time like the present. I pulled out some scratch papr and began doodling.


I started with the sunflower look…


Then played with connecting the letters. I discussed the designs and concept with another friend. They suggested making the Q a flower and adding a leaf to the M…more sketching…


After several practices, I was ready to quilt.
“Are you going to sew it with out practicing?” – slightly concerned friend. “It’ll be fine.” – me, as I start up the machine.


And the first of my quilts was branded. I like how it turned out. The size will vary as the design will need to fit in to the quilting. But I am pleased with the font result.


All quilts after August 1, 2014 will be branded. If I make the whole quilt, they will also be labeled. Labelling the quilts that I make for a customer has been something that I have gone back and forth with. Yes , I agree, all quilt should be labeled, but I never remembered or wasn’t sure about how to go about it…but I think now is a good time to start being more consistent. Simple labels just stating “Made by: Quilt’m by Sunflower Designs” with the date, location and web site should be sufficient.

Now to make my quilting brand into the company brand and print out lots of quilt labels to have ready for sewing on finished projects…the work never ends. 🙂

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