First T-Shirt Quilt from Eppies Great Race


I have to admit, I haven’t received the response I expected from being a vendor at Eppies Great Race. I thought with all those people, more orders would have happened by now…but maybe these things come in time.

There was a lot of positive feedback from those that stopped by and hopefully more orders for  t-shirt quilts (or any kind of quilt really) will trickle in.

I did get 1 order directly from the event. Bright neon shirts from events sponsored by Nike.


The shirts were paired with a white on white print fabric. I haven’t used white as a border on a t-shirt quilt before and I think it works great. The white sets of the neon colors fantastically. Since there were a couple white shirts, the customer and I decided to border the white shirts with scraps from the neon shirts so they wouldn’t get lost. This added a great dimension to those blocks.


I did spiral quilting that also shows up nicely. Fleece was chosen as the backing for the quilt. Even though it is a non-traditional choice for backing, it quilted perfectly, giving the pattern a 3D effect and a super software side to cuddle under.
I enjoyed working on this quilt and look forward to many more.

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