Christmas Quilts

It was the middle of November when it dawned on me…there are only 6 more weeks till Christmas and I have 16 quilts to finish by December 20 if I am go it to have time to do my own Christmas giving. What have I gotten my self in to? The work ranged from just hand sewing a hanging sleeve to a quilt I had already made a customer a year ago to quilting only, quilt and bind, and complete quilt creation. The next few weeks looked a bit overwhelming. And quilting wasn’t the only thing going on in life…I was also finishing the set for our church Christmas play on December 7. It was time to solicit some help. My mom and sister got started on one set of 6 memory quilts, cutting the clothes and piecing the tops. I got started working on the 2 t-shirt quilts that were being shipped out.
It is now December 13, the 2 t-shirt quilts have been shipped, 1 to Missouri


And 1 to Arizona.


Of the set of 6 memory quilts, 4 are done, 2 need to be bound and all will be picked up in less than 3 hours (I need to get to work). There is one quit on the machine that is almost done (if my quilting will start cooperating). My goal is to finish 2 bindings, the quilt on the machine and 1 other one today…and then there will be 5 more for next week.
Time is ticking and I have quilts to do. Photos to come, happy quilting, and merry Christmas!

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