Happy New Years!


Happy New Years!

It’s 2015 and to celebrate Quilt’m will give you 15% any quilting service if commissioned before January 31, 2015.

It’s not too early to start thinking about birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, Christmas or just because gifts.

Do you have piles of clothes from your children, those cute little onsies that you can’t part with, clothing from a loved one that is not longer with us, shirts from high school soccer, collage baseball or concerts? Free up your closet space and have them made into a quilt this year. Don’t have enough shirts for a quilt, but want to memorialize them, have a pillow made.

Maybe a friend is getting married or having a baby or buying a new home – quilts make perfect welcome home and to the family gifts.

Do you make quilt tops but don’t have the time or energy to quilt them, send them to Quilt’m to be finished. Maybe you have a quilt that was started but you don’t know how to finish it, these too can be completed by Quilt’m. You have a project but not sure it can be completed, contact me.

You don’t need a quilt made – pass on the savings to a friend. Use promo code HNY2015 by the end of January to receive 15% off the labor cost of any quilting service. Call or email with any questions, to set up your order and to redeem discount.

May this year be filled with warmth and memories!



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