It’s a Quilting Vacation

It’s my vacation time…I usually set aside Christmas through the first or second week of January for me. Time to rest and take it easy after the Christmas rush. A time were I can work on my own projects.

I finished up the last quilts of my customers on December 18. That gave me a couple days to finish the quilting Christmas gifts I wanted to do. One for my grandma and one of my sister’s quilt tops. She asked that it be quilted as her gift.


It got pebbles in the white, leaving the prints to float.


It was amazing how that worked how. I wanted to do it when she wasn’t home, so it would be a little surprise. Since we live together, it could have been difficult. Well, she ended up having a dinner to go to the Monday before Christmas, it was a perfect opportunity to get the quilt on and off the machine.

I also had loads…well 21, pillowcases to make for my nephews, great niece and Bible class kids. Thankfully I had enough time to get it all done. I was finished at 8pm Christmas eve. A rarity to be done before Christmas day.

My vacation really started after Christmas…cause then I could do what I wanted. First in the list, a couple unfinished quilts from as far back as 12 years ago. My lucky stars quilt got on and off the machine with out a hitch.


With outlined stars and intrinsic squares.


I love the bright colors. I got the fabric when I worked at Material Girls, a local quilt shop. It was my first job at 16 years old. The quilt was started around that time. I even pieced the back (as I had enough fabric to do so and was over ambitious)


This quilt is now on my bed. 🙂
Next was one I started a couple months ago.


I am thinking of putting it up for sale. I thought I had bought enough of the sunflower fabric for the back, but when I pulled it out, I was short. I went on a hunt through my stash and found this perfect stripe.


It is amazing how it pulls the green and blue from the print. It’s great as the back. So great in fact that I switched from binding in grey to binding in the stripe. I am enchanted by the pop of color with the tiny green frame of binding.


I also finished the binding of a companion piece to this quilt. (Which still remains unquilted because I don’t know how I want to quilt it yet.)


I had the quilting done for a couple years and had never taken the time to bind. (Binding is my least favorite part of the quilting process)


This complementary quilt is odd shaped, long and not wide but not narrow. So to be hung on a wall or table topper, but not a lap or bed quilt. It was originally to be the back of the unfinished quilt…but was told that it was too cool to be the back…so a top it became.

With those 3 done, I am on to making more and all from my stash. Good for me right? Let’s see how many are finished before work starts again on January 12.

Happy New Year! May 2015 bring memory filled days and warm hugs.

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