“Vacation” Quilt Photos as Promised

They have been a long time coming…but here are the rest of the quilts that I was able to get in while on my quilt “vacation”.

I had this pre-pieced piece for quite some time. I searched through my stash, found a backing that would work and put it in my to do pile. Just a quick simple thing, perfect for a little girl to cuddle with and it is available for purchase.sacramento quilting

To contrast the ridged lines, I quilted pebbles. One of my favorite patterns, but it takes time and LOTS of thread. I think it is worth it (sometimes). It is a great combination.

longarm quilting

I grabbed a stack of doggy charm squares several months ago thinking that it would be enough to make a quilt from…I was wrong. Well…I could have made a quilt with it, it just would have been small.

sacramento quilter

So again, I search my stash (it was proving helpful) and found the white contrast to checkerboard with the doggy prints. This charming quilt is a great size for cuddles and ready to go to a wanting home.

machine quilting

Again, fabric from the stash. At one time I wanted a safari themed den in my future house. This fabric was an impulse buy. I like it, but kinda over the safari room. I have had this pattern that focuses on a large print for several years and never had something that would work. When I pulled out the fabric again, it seemed like a perfect match. I was a little unsure about the colors as I was cutting it out and putting it together…but I am pleased with how it turned out. My color eye from about 10 years ago was right on. This one is also available for purchase if desired.

custom made quilts sacramento

Close ups of the safari print, quilted around each animal and tree to highlight the silhouettes…safari machine quilting

and of the tiles quilted in ladder steps and bubbles in the border.African custom long are quiltingI cut out the fabric for 2 more quilts…again from the stash. I gotta use up some of that stuff. One of them is for me, fabrics from a Santa Cruz trip a couple years ago and one for sale. Hopefully I will find time this year to finish them up before my next “vacation”.

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