That one day I spent lots at the Quilt shop

Yeah…that was today, but it wasn’t all for me…in fact only 3 yards of the about 30 yards was for me.

First, there was some heavy neutral cotton for Sammy’s weighted blanket. Yes it is plain, but then we can make lots of duvets for more excitement.

Then this lovely Brown stripe to accompany the zoo animals for a signature quilt welcoming a baby that is 2 years old.


I picked up this next selection for the next baby in the same family as the above quilt.


The yellow and green will be available for signature spots in this pattern.


It will look very different in the brighter colors.

I have a t-shirt quilt also on the list of things to do. These are the accompanying fabrics for that one.


Then batting for another quilt…and my pieces. These animals are awesome!


I couldn’t pass them up…no clue on the pattern and no specific recipient…but my stash needed a little padding.

And now that I have all the fabric, I better get back to work. So long, happy Saturday!

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