For that person that has everything…

christmas is comingSo Christmas is coming…and with it comes the struggle of what to get for that person that has everything. Don’t settle with just giving money or a generic gift card. t-shirt quilt moneyGive the gift of memories.

Secretly collect (or let them know and be involved with the process) their old cherished shirts from college, baseball tournaments, attended concerts, vacation souvenirs and have a custom quilt made. tshirt quilt1Maybe they didn’t collect shirts, but ties necktie quiltor linen calendarslinen calendar quilt or something else that can be converted into a gift of a life time.

Or perhaps they had a loved one that has departed, have a quilt made from their clothes that will be sure to bring many happy memories of the years they had together. memory quiltDo you know a new mom or maybe one that is a recent empty nester…gather the baby clothes from her children and bring tears to her eyes when she sees a quilt made from “first time” shirts, costumes, and birthday parties. baby clothes memory quiltIs there a Graduate or young person turning 18 soon? Gather their high school spirit shirts, those from sports teams, school trips and band concerts. graduation memory quiltSurprise them with a quilt filled with memories. A gift that they will cherish for a lifetime and not just stuff on a shelf.

order your tshirt quilt before it is too late

Place your custom order NOW! Time is running out to receive 10% off your custom order. All custom orders must be received by 9/30/15 to take advantage of the 10% discount. All orders after 10/1/15 may be subject to a rush fee in order to have them completed in time for Christmas.

Gift Certificates are available if you prefer to involve your loved one in their custom quilt creation. Contact me for more information or to place your order by phone, 916-870-2432 or email using the form below. 

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