Friday Scraps – a couple days late

I realized this morning that I forgot to share my Friday Scraps yesterday. And what a week this has been.

A couple years ago I thought I was ready to start looking for a house to buy. I counciled with my pastor and was encouraged to save some more money. I wasn’t as ready as I thought I was. While it was a bit disappointing, it was wise. I now have a large chunk in savings and am more prepared to make that next step. Last Saturday I  went and checked out a couple houses with mom, sister and brother. One of them was pleasing enough to make an offer. It went in on Monday along with 4 others. Between Saturday and finding out on Tuesday that the chose a different offer, I was busy. 

Saturday night was a sort,  donate and toss kind of night. I filled up my garbage can and my truck with donations to a local thrift store and the library. In my sorting I found this gem. 

 My best friend and I rocking the sweaters and socks at a nerd party 10+ years ago. 

Sunday was time for church and dreaming. I went window shopping for this house. Took photos of flooring, different things I would add or need to keep the price in mind along with  gathered paint samples. 

Monday night I started on a quilt top that was gifted to me. I’m thinking it will eventually go in my guest room.

Tuesday I heard that the owners had taken another offer with a shorter close time. Yes, I was disappointed, but my peace remains. I place my trust in a God that goes before me. I am confident that he has a house prepared for me. And so, the hunt continues. 

Wednesday and Thursday Bruno was privileged to go to work with me. Only because we were going to the vet after for this lump on his foot. 

We arrived on Wednesday to find they had several emergencies and couldn’t see us, “could we come back another day, we will give you a discount?” Sure, no problem. 

I heard from the vet yesterday that it could be one that will subside on its own. That is the kind of lump I like. 

My labels arrived from Inked Papers. I’m ready to use them. They came in custom wrapping. I love my new logo,definitely worth the time and expense. 

 Thursday night was the start of a series of special services at church. A Bro from Nigeria has come to preach for us. So thankful for God’s faithful ministry from around the world.

Friday night I was blessed to have 3 young ladies stay the night in my home after spending the late evening at a church families house for some fun and fellowship. Today consisted of sleeping in, eating breakfast for lunch, decorating Mason jars to track prayers made and prayers answered, and a lot of laughter. 

 Investing time in our young people is never a waste and always produces immeasurable returns. I’m looking forward to the next time we can spend together. 

This week I have been reminded that  hopes,  dreams and prayers are like dandelion wishes blown in heaven. God sees each seed as it falls and makes sure that they take root and grow. 

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