Friday Scraps – from a “not much was accomplished” week

Disclaimer – I wrote this, well not exactly this, but something close last night…and then the post was deleted, never to be found. So I am writing again this beautiful Saturday morning. 

Last week ended and this week began with a Revival meeting at church. Bro Josiah from Nigeria came to preach the Word of God during this series of meetings. It was both a blessing and a challenge to my soul. The best way to start a new year and a new week. One specific take-a-way for me was,

If you don’t take time for God, you give time to the Devil and he will fill your time.

It is easy for me to get busy and caught up in the responsibilities of life. What a great reminder of the NEED to set time aside for God.

So last week I had put an offer in on a house and was anxious to start buying the needs and a few
wants to fill it. I know, don’t buy until you have anything in writing…but I have never done this before. I found my self at a Salvation Army thrift store dropping off some purged items and found this great 3 piece wood cabinet set. They could be used anywhere and were ONLY $60 for the 3 pieces. I bought them and had to pick them up by Friday.

On Friday I am back at the Salvation Army by my self with my truck, blankets and tie downs hoping the sales attendants can help load them. I underestimated their weight and didn’t ask for personal help, because why be a bother…? They helped to load and left me to tie them down. Because of the meeting (and having the girls spend the night Friday) the cabinets road around with me till Saturday night. 20170121_102413.jpg
They now take up too much space in my garage. I know it was a bit premature…but they were only $60…

Monday I was back at the quilting machine. I had to get my quilt off and get started on work. When we placed the cabinets, I underestimated the width of my machine handles. I ended up having a 6″ space to work on the left hand side of the quilt before having to roll the quilt up. quilting machineI made it through and will be sure to load future quilts will plenty of room. When that quilt came of the long arm, it marked the end of my winter vacation. antique quiltsTime to work.

My sister requested to have 3 quilts finished by Thursday. It was Monday and I was just getting started. long arm quiltingLoaded up the owl quilt and decided to do a new design. Opposing loops from either side of the sashing quilting loopsand a swirl inside a raindrop. raindrop quiltingShort on time and new design aren’t really the best combination…but why not. I’m always up for a challenge.

Tuesday came and went with a headache nap that lasted from 5:30 Tuesday night till 7:00 Wednesday morning. My headache was gone and no quilting was completed.

Stormy Wednesday found me back at the machine quilting away. I had to at least get one quilt done for my sister. So thankful she is understanding. The owl quilt marked quilt 1 of 2017 for me. Not the first one I worked on, but the first that my portion was completed on.custom quilting

Friday night fun consisted of spending too much time reimaging the website (and it doesn’t look that different from before) and getting the next quilt loaded. A Christmas one. 365 quilting designsAnd again, I decide to try new thread and a new design, christmas quiltan all over something including feathers, fmq featherspebbles, free motion quilting pebblesswirls with peacock tails. quilting swirls

Many quilters are wild about them. Me not so much. Maybe because I am a little intimidated by them…But there comes a time when you have to overcome some fears and try them out. So what do I do, decide to try them when I don’t have loads of time. Or didn’t. I was going to check out some more houses today, but due to unforeseen circumstances that will happen tomorrow. So I have the rest of the day to finish 2 quilts, do some cleaning, sorting, laundry, and maybe work on another quilt.

On a non-quilting topic, I reserved the vacation home for the family trip for my parents anniversary later this year. Monterey House rentalAnd printed this daily to-do list that sits right next to my calendar at work. A momentary reminder of how to live and list

  1. Count my Blessings
  2. Speak gently
  3. Love much
  4. Laugh a lot
  5. Let go of what I can’t control
  6. Work hard
  7. Be productive yet calm
  8. Just breathe
  9. Be kind

I think I will put it next to my front door in my future home. Something to meditate on when I walk out the door. Now if only I could find someone to make me a cool sign.

I’m off to work, I heave feathers to quilt.

Be Blessed!


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