Friday Scraps – Catch up

I think I should call these “Weekend” Scraps. As they aren’t always being written on Friday. But Friday Scraps sounds better…And I have to play catch up for the past 2 weeks. So it will be just the highlights.

In the midst of my feathers and swirls and pebbles, a critical part of the stitch regulator decided that it had worked enough and was done. I noticed it when the needle went in super slow mode creating 1/2″ stitches. This is unacceptable. So all quilting stopped and the investigation began. I checked all the obvious places, for balled up thread, belts, obstructions and nothing.20170121_130816.jpgThen while I was taking the bobbin case apart, I saw this little wheel folding on it self as the machine was going vertical.20170121_124357.jpgI found the problem. And 2 of the 3 parts departments were closed. The third said they might have something to come by on Monday.

With no quilting to be done, I began to sort photos. Forty plus albums of photos. 20170203_202041.jpgI am downsizing. I will keep those that I want to be digitalized and printed in photo books. (these will then be available for others to help themselves). I found some beauties. 20170126_174912.jpgThat is me and my Grandpa when I was about 4. I have sorted others in to piles to share with the subjects 20170203_202102.jpgand a lot more for the burn pile. I don’t need any photos of feet and only so many of the ocean. (Fast forward 2 weeks, I am down to 5 books, almost done).20170203_202047.jpg

Sunday of last week I went and looked at a couple more houses. I am on a hunt. Well, I was. I placed an offer on a house and it was accepted. We are in the middle of inspections. I am trying to hold my excitement for just a few more days. It has a decent size house and space for a quilting studio. YAY!

These weeks have been filled with lots of photos and memories. With visits with friends and family in Coarsegold. 20170128_144405.jpgWith trips to various home stores to get ideas, price things out and dream. 20170201_200339.jpg

The machine part arrived late last week. As I had plans to visit family out of town on Saturday, I waited until Sunday to put my mechanic hat on. Got it installed and everything put back together in time to start quilting again on Monday. And it worked! But not much was done as it was inspection day.

Wednesday I finished the Christmas quilt. I only have details right now as I have’t stopped to layout the quilt to get a full photo. I am fairly pleased with how it turned out. Still not a super duper fan of feathers, but I can do them after trying several different methods. I will still need some practice to get them even. And I figure it is ok not to like or regularly quilt in feathers.

My next challenge huge white empty squares. What to do with all that space. I got a little inspiration from the Christmas quilt. Swirls with flower petals around. A new filler design. I like it. message_1486187791449.jpg

As my mind is on moving in the next few months, I thought I should do a quick count of the quilts that need to do be completed in the same time frame. I think I am somewhere around 20 quilts that need to be finished by sometime in April. Did I not learn how to space these things out after last Christmas? What a crazy busy 6-8 week this will be.  And I think another part on the machine is starting to fail. I will be ordering it on Monday to get it here before I am stuck again. I guess it is about time for the machine to start falling apart. I have had it for about 14-15 years now.

In the middle of all my quilt making, I get to start sorting and tossing and packing. To assist with the moving, I bought various colors of duct tape to mark the boxes as to what room they may go in. 20170203_205706.jpgI am hoping this will help with moving organization. Tuesday and Thursday will be my packing days. The rest of the days except Sunday get to be filled with needle, thread and the whirring of my machine.

Be blessed!

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