Repairing the Old but Special

I made a quilt for my Grandma and Grandpa #1 for their 50th wedding anniversary in 1998. While it is special because I made it for them, what adds to that, is the signature of every one in the family that is on it. Before the gift was given we had all the family members … More Repairing the Old but Special

It is Finished…

The couch and chair are complete! I made a delivery on Thursday to a happy customer. Remember what it looked like when I got it?It was kinda unsightly, with normal wear and tare including cat and kid damage. I received a couch and chair. I know wish I had photos of the before complete with … More It is Finished…

Pillow Cases

It seams like the new thing I am doing is Pillow Cases! It started with a custom pillow case for a body pillow. And expanded to fun and exciting pillow cases for all her friends. I got lots of packages in the mail as the fabric was shipped in. It was exciting to me even … More Pillow Cases

The “Unclothed” Chair

I have begun the Upholstery Job. The chair (and now the couch) are both uncovered. It all began with gathering up these tools. A trusty screwdriver and pliers. My dad later customized a screwdriver for me with a bend tip… Thanks Dad. With tools in hand I commenced removing staples and removing staples and removing … More The “Unclothed” Chair

Funding my Survival

Lately, I have had lots of quilts to quilt. And with out internet, getting off early (when I had a job) and now that I don’t have one; I have lots of time to quilt. A quick list and description of them is as follows: For my sister the piecer, three quilts. I quilted this … More Funding my Survival

Couches and Chairs

As I mentioned…re-upholstery is a new thing for Quilt’m. My cousin called a week ago and asked if I had ever done any re-upholstery. No I haven’t…”well there is a first time for everything” was the reply. So I have a couch and chair in my house. As you can see…it needs to be recovered. … More Couches and Chairs

More for Lil Miss Quilt’m

I have more for Lil Miss… 3 more to be exact. First there is Jenny. She was a plain denim jumper found at a thrift store. I added big red and little white ric-rac and snowflakes (also found at the thrift store).The bib…Pocket… Front skirt…And back. Isn’t she cute? Then we have Rebecca. She also … More More for Lil Miss Quilt’m

Fiber Art

I took a class today with my sister. I don’t remember the teacher, I will get that info and update this post when I have it. We made trees using a technique with lots of layers, stitches and color. There were several steps to create the foundation and then build your tree from that. Each … More Fiber Art

Productive Saturday

My weekend was quite productive… It went kind of like this… workout – eat breakfast – study my Bible – quilt My sister – the piecer, has a stack of quilts at my house, so I wanted to get some of them done. This quilt got hearts and stars all through out. My machine worked … More Productive Saturday

Flower Garden on the Wall

It all started with a trip to the new quilt shop in town called the Fabric Garden… I came away with 6 fat quarters and an idea from a sample on the wall. First step…cut all fabric into 2.5″ strips. Put them in order. With my ever present helper. Sew them all together in boxes … More Flower Garden on the Wall