First T-Shirt Quilt from Eppies Great Race

I have to admit, I haven’t received the response I expected from being a vendor at Eppies Great Race. I thought with all those people, more orders would have happened by now…but maybe these things come in time. There was a lot of positive feedback from those that stopped by and hopefully more orders for  … More First T-Shirt Quilt from Eppies Great Race

Quilting Brand

A friend of mine was over the other day and I was showing her the studio (garage) and my portfolio. As she was looking through my books she asked if I had a signature or image that I quilt into all of the pieces I do. I don’t…or I should say I didn’t. This has … More Quilting Brand


I need to brag on God a minute. Let me tell you a story of what he did for me this weekend. It might me a little long…but it’s in the details that God’s grace shines through. Friday night I had a quilt on the machine that I needed off by Saturday morning for a … More Bragging

T-shirt Post Cards…

I just ordered my t-shirt Postcards. Yea! One more step done. This is what they will look like, thanks to my sister-in-law with great design skills. Front Back I think she did a great job! 4000 5×7 postcards will soon be delivered to my door. Since this is all starting to get bigger than just … More T-shirt Post Cards…

While the Quilter is away

That’s right…I’m gone. I have gone to Monterey. I have come on a girls trip, my mom, 2 sisters and I are here for the weekend. A time for shopping, card games, relaxing, ocean time and laughter. It is good to be together. And the waves speaks to my soul. As the waves speak, I … More While the Quilter is away

Quilt’m is the only source for your custom quilt and quilt finishing needs.

916.870.2432   Services offered: -Free Hand Machine Quilting   -simple/all over designs:        $2.00-2.50 sq/ft   -custom designs:         $2.75-4.25 sq/ft   -$45.00 Minimum -Binding   -Machine binding: $0.15/in   -Hand sewn binding: $0.30/in   -Custom binding: ask -Custom Quilts   -Custom quilt – Prices vary on size and pattern … More Quilt’m is the only source for your custom quilt and quilt finishing needs.

Garments to Quilts

A couple months ago I met a gentleman and his daughter at a local fabric shop. They had 3 large black bags full of clothes that had belonged to the wife and mother that had recently passed. They wanted 3 quilts, one for each of them and a brother. I finished them up last night. … More Garments to Quilts

I have to do it again…

Catch up that is…I haven’t been out of action, I have been busy with quilting, my real job, adopting a dog, getting fit…and putting of updates. Recently it came to me that I should see if there was a phone app for this blog thing…take a couple pictures, pull together some words and post. Might … More I have to do it again…

Memory Quilts

This last month I created several memory quilts for a few customers. From T-shirt quilts to baby clothes to the clothes from a lost loved one, each one has it’s place. A few years ago I was commissioned by my cousin to make a quilt for her daughter with the T-shirts she collected throughout grade … More Memory Quilts