Friday Scraps – Catch up

I think I should call these “Weekend” Scraps. As they aren’t always being written on Friday. But Friday Scraps sounds better…And I have to play catch up for the past 2 weeks. So it will be just the highlights. In the midst of my feathers and swirls and pebbles, a critical part of the stitch … More Friday Scraps – Catch up

Friday Scraps – from a “not much was accomplished” week

Disclaimer – I wrote this, well not exactly this, but something close last night…and then the post was deleted, never to be found. So I am writing again this beautiful Saturday morning.  Last week ended and this week began with a Revival meeting at church. Bro Josiah from Nigeria came to preach the Word of … More Friday Scraps – from a “not much was accomplished” week

Friday Scraps – a couple days late

I realized this morning that I forgot to share my Friday Scraps yesterday. And what a week this has been. A couple years ago I thought I was ready to start looking for a house to buy. I counciled with my pastor and was encouraged to save some more money. I wasn’t as ready as … More Friday Scraps – a couple days late

Friday Scraps

So I’m standing there at the ironing board pressing some freshly pieced poppy fabric blocks  when I get a notification on my phone, it’s a forward email from my mom of new blog post she found interesting. She sends these to me from time to time and it’s great to see how different quilters tick. … More Friday Scraps

Upcoming Feature in a Magazine

I got an interesting message this morning from my Etsy store. It went like this: Hi, I’m Filip from Czech running magazine I’m writing article about runninh t-shirts and what can anybody do with them. I would like to ask you, can I use your quilt photos in that article? Every photo will be … More Upcoming Feature in a Magazine

The Quilt – Author unknown

I read this poem several years ago and have looked back on it from time to time. Recently there has been a challenge to reach out more, to not get so caught up in my daily activities that I can’t see the needs around me, much less stop to help. I was reminded again of … More The Quilt – Author unknown

A no quilting weekend

There was no work completed this last weekend, as this quilter went to the beach. Half moon bay is one of my favorite places. The waves are high The water is clear And the sky puts on a great show A perfect day with the girlfriends!

Quick Tip – Quilt Binding, Sewing those ends together

How many of us struggle with connecting the ends of our binding in a smooth and clean way? Probably more than would like to admit. Me personally, I hate binding and hand binding especially. Maybe hate is too strong of a word, but it is my least favorite part about making a quilt. In fact, … More Quick Tip – Quilt Binding, Sewing those ends together

For that person that has everything…

So Christmas is coming…and with it comes the struggle of what to get for that person that has everything. Don’t settle with just giving money or a generic gift card. Give the gift of memories. Secretly collect (or let them know and be involved with the process) their old cherished shirts from college, baseball tournaments, … More For that person that has everything…