Quick Tip – Sewing Machine Tension Issues

When your sewing machine, is acting weird, thread is breaking, skipping stitches, getting incorrect readings on the screens of your electronic machine, loops on the back from you top thread, tight stitches, loose stitches…whatever…and you don’t know what is wrong…before you take it in, follow the next few steps to see if it is a … More Quick Tip – Sewing Machine Tension Issues

Christmas Quilts

It was the middle of November when it dawned on me…there are only 6 more weeks till Christmas and I have 16 quilts to finish by December 20 if I am go it to have time to do my own Christmas giving. What have I gotten my self in to? The work ranged from just … More Christmas Quilts

Craft faire rush

So last week I was looking up the local community centers and places to advertise when I saw that there was a craft faire coming up. I believe that day might have been October 19, the craft faire was scheduled for November 1…why not try to get in it. After a couple emails, phone calls … More Craft faire rush

Quilting Brand

A friend of mine was over the other day and I was showing her the studio (garage) and my portfolio. As she was looking through my books she asked if I had a signature or image that I quilt into all of the pieces I do. I don’t…or I should say I didn’t. This has … More Quilting Brand


I need to brag on God a minute. Let me tell you a story of what he did for me this weekend. It might me a little long…but it’s in the details that God’s grace shines through. Friday night I had a quilt on the machine that I needed off by Saturday morning for a … More Bragging

Making plans

I have started to make plans. Remember I talked about finding a race to be a vendor at in order to promote t-shirt quilts. Well…I found one. I will be a vendor at Eppie’s Great Race in July. It is a triathlon in Sacramento and provides Therapeutic Recreation services for people with special needs, a … More Making plans