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The Quilting Specialist’s Story

sacramento quilterI have been quilting since 1995. I love pulling the colors and creating the design. In fact my first job at 16 was a local quilt shop. When I began quilting I used my home machine to quilt up to a queen size quilt. In 2002, I was blessed to receive a long arm quilting machine. I love it! It has helped me to increase my skills as a quilter, now that I don’t have to shove a king size quilt in the small opening of my regular machine. And I would like to spare you that trouble also.

Quilt’m offers custom long arm machine quilting for all quilts. Quilting designs range from basic all over patterns to custom designed quilting. My goal is to enhance your quilt.

Machine quilting isn’t the only service that is available by Quilt’m. Not every one that wants a quilt can make one. I can make it for you. Whether it is from your grandmothers clothing, t-shirts from your high school soccer days or new fabric. Or do you have unfinished projects that you can’t find the time or aren’t able to finish, I can finish them for you. With your ideas and my skill we can create a quilt that can hold and begin memories. Any idea for a quilt is welcome for discussion.

I believe that an exceptional quilt is one that has good color play, active movement andquilting that enhances the design. I have seen many beautifully pieced quilts with quilting that detracted from the wonderful piece of art it could have been. My desire is to take your quilt as my own and quilt it in a manner that highlights the beauty of the colors and movement of the pieces. I believe the quilt designer and quilter can work together to create a plan to complete each masterpiece.

All quilts, whether they are meant to be picnic blankets, baby quilts, wall hangings or wedding gifts deserve the same kind of treatment. Each one is a piece of art and will be treasured by the owner.

Thank you for considering Quilt’m to create a memory or add the finishing touches to your creation.

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