So Many Quilters online…why Quilt’m?


All of the following need the same thing:

-A Quilter with a pieced top quilted by a long-arm quilter
-A Runner with a drawer full of marathon shirts
-A Mom with boxes of treasured baby clothes
-The Owner of a blankie that Grandma made that needs to be repaired

What is it they need? A Quilting Specialist. You have come to the right place…

~ What services do you provide? Many long arm quilters only do 1 thing – Quilt. They won’t make your quilt. They won’t fix your quilt. They won’t bind your quilt. They will only quilt. Quilt’m will do all of the above.

~ Where do we meet? As a local quilter, Quilt’m will meet you at a central location for a free consultation to discuss what you have in mind for your quilt project.

~ How long will it take to have my quilt returned? On average quilts will take 12-16 weeks to be returned, but may take more time depending on the season. Need it before then, call, a rush may be possible.

~Do you require a specific batting? No. I will work with all types of batting. There are many long arm quilters that are very specific about the batting they will work with. I have used many different types, from a thin polyester to 3″ thick polyester. 100% Cotton, a cotton-poly blend, fleece. If it will fit on my machine, it can be used.

~Thread? I will always supply the thread. If there is one thing I am picky about, it is thread. I have found what works best on my quilting machine. For this reason, I supply the thread at no cost to the customer. If you want to supply the thread, make it King Tut by Superior threads.

Stay tuned for all the reasons why you should choose Quilt’m over other quilters online.prodigy machine2

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