Friday Scraps – Catch up

I think I should call these “Weekend” Scraps. As they aren’t always being written on Friday. But Friday Scraps sounds better…And I have to play catch up for the past 2 weeks. So it will be just the highlights. In the midst of my feathers and swirls and pebbles, a critical part of the stitch … More Friday Scraps – Catch up

Quick Tip – Quilt Binding, Sewing those ends together

How many of us struggle with connecting the ends of our binding in a smooth and clean way? Probably more than would like to admit. Me personally, I hate binding and hand binding especially. Maybe hate is too strong of a word, but it is my least favorite part about making a quilt. In fact, … More Quick Tip – Quilt Binding, Sewing those ends together

Quilting Brand

A friend of mine was over the other day and I was showing her the studio (garage) and my portfolio. As she was looking through my books she asked if I had a signature or image that I quilt into all of the pieces I do. I don’t…or I should say I didn’t. This has … More Quilting Brand

Quilt’m is the only source for your custom quilt and quilt finishing needs.

916.870.2432   Services offered: -Free Hand Machine Quilting   -simple/all over designs:        $2.00-2.50 sq/ft   -custom designs:         $2.75-4.25 sq/ft   -$45.00 Minimum -Binding   -Machine binding: $0.15/in   -Hand sewn binding: $0.30/in   -Custom binding: ask -Custom Quilts   -Custom quilt – Prices vary on size and pattern … More Quilt’m is the only source for your custom quilt and quilt finishing needs.

My Sister is a Piecer

I say she is a piecer, because she doesn’t quilt, she just pieces the top and puts it in a pile for me to quilt. Well, I must be fair, she quilted the first one and then decided that quilting isn’t for her…but piecing is. 🙂 It’s alright. I can practice on her quilts. This … More My Sister is a Piecer

Flower Garden

I finished quilting this quilt for a customer this week. It was a dream to quilt. It was a relief for the quilting machine to work very well after the difficulty I had on the last quilt. I couldn’t just do an all over quilting pattern for this one. 🙂 I am thankful, all over … More Flower Garden

Quilt Show

Quilt’m will be represented at Beverly’s Yards of Fabric 13th Annual Quilt Show! The show is being held in the store from Friday May 13th to Saturday May 21st. Demonstrations, Games, and Prizes. Stop by and see the quilts!


So…what have I been doing? While I neglected this site…it is for a reason…I have been busy. I put together another baby quilt – with an animal alphabet fabric. 🙂 All I have to do is bind and label before it is delivered. I got 2 new clients, 1 for a T-shirt quilt I have … More Lately

First Quilt for Sale

It’s for sale and on display at River City Chiropractic. Made from fabric that I have had from a the Italian Tiles pattern by QuiltWoman Designs. All borders are have mitered corners. The quilting is custom to the pieced design. And it is labeled. 🙂