Friday Scraps

So I’m standing there at the ironing board pressing some freshly pieced poppy fabric blocks  when I get a notification on my phone, it’s a forward email from my mom of new blog post she found interesting. She sends these to me from time to time and it’s great to see how different quilters tick. … More Friday Scraps

Fabric Stoves

What’s a fabric stove? It all started with an email from my sister…the piecer. You remember her, right? In it there was a tutorial from Joyful Abode on how to make a Fabric Stove. I thought I can do that and I have enough scraps to do so with out having to go to the … More Fabric Stoves

It is Finished…

The couch and chair are complete! I made a delivery on Thursday to a happy customer. Remember what it looked like when I got it?It was kinda unsightly, with normal wear and tare including cat and kid damage. I received a couch and chair. I know wish I had photos of the before complete with … More It is Finished…

Pillow Cases

It seams like the new thing I am doing is Pillow Cases! It started with a custom pillow case for a body pillow. And expanded to fun and exciting pillow cases for all her friends. I got lots of packages in the mail as the fabric was shipped in. It was exciting to me even … More Pillow Cases