Funding my Survival

Lately, I have had lots of quilts to quilt. And with out internet, getting off early (when I had a job) and now that I don’t have one; I have lots of time to quilt. A quick list and description of them is as follows: For my sister the piecer, three quilts. I quilted this … More Funding my Survival

My Sister is a Piecer

I say she is a piecer, because she doesn’t quilt, she just pieces the top and puts it in a pile for me to quilt. Well, I must be fair, she quilted the first one and then decided that quilting isn’t for her…but piecing is. πŸ™‚ It’s alright. I can practice on her quilts. This … More My Sister is a Piecer

Flower Garden

I finished quilting this quilt for a customer this week. It was a dream to quilt. It was a relief for the quilting machine to work very well after the difficulty I had on the last quilt. I couldn’t just do an all over quilting pattern for this one. πŸ™‚ I am thankful, all over … More Flower Garden


So…what have I been doing? While I neglected this site…it is for a reason…I have been busy. I put together another baby quilt – with an animal alphabet fabric. πŸ™‚ All I have to do is bind and label before it is delivered. I got 2 new clients, 1 for a T-shirt quilt I have … More Lately

First Quilt for Sale

It’s for sale and on display at River City Chiropractic. Made from fabric that I have had from a the Italian Tiles pattern by QuiltWoman Designs. All borders are have mitered corners. The quilting is custom to the pieced design. And it is labeled. πŸ™‚