Clothes to Quilts

Many quilts that I have done for clients begin their life as clothes. They cloth children and adults, get put through storage, then come to be in plastic tubs to cut apart and begin the next stage of their life as a quilt. The most recent set was for a customer with 2 girls. She … More Clothes to Quilts

Jungle Print

A year ago a precious baby boy from China came home to a friend of mine. I finished his quilt this week. It all started with this fabric. I found it at Tayo’s and loved it. I am proud to say that the focus fabric was the only piece I bought for this quilt. The … More Jungle Print

I started it…I probably should continue

When I was working at House of Fashion I made baby quilts for those that had babies…Well those same people keep having them. Some times I have wondered if they have the babies cause they want them…or they just want the quilt… I no longer work for House of Fashion but I continue to visit … More I started it…I probably should continue