That one day I spent lots at the Quilt shop

Yeah…that was today, but it wasn’t all for me…in fact only 3 yards of the about 30 yards was for me. First, there was some heavy neutral cotton for Sammy’s weighted blanket. Yes it is plain, but then we can make lots of duvets for more excitement. Then this lovely Brown stripe to accompany the … More That one day I spent lots at the Quilt shop

Even Quilters have Birthdays

Yes, today is my birthday. I graduated from the 20’s and have moved on to the 30’s. I have heard that they can be the best years, so I’m kinda looking forward to them and all that is ahead. The festivities started yesterday at work with cheesecake. The mail held the first and faithful birthday … More Even Quilters have Birthdays

T-Shirt Quilt Challenge

I met with a new customer a couple months ago that provided me with a challenge. I was given 7 shirts and asked to make a t-shirt quilt for his wife. When asked what her style/colors were…I was given modern and neutral. Normally a queen size quilt takes 25-30 shirts, if arranged in a standard … More T-Shirt Quilt Challenge

And It’s Back to Work for the Quilter

Vacation is over…at least for the next three days. It was nice while it lasted, got several quilts done, one still needs to be bound and 2 are only cut out…I shall see if I can fit them in along the way. (Photos to come) But for the next couple days I need to get … More And It’s Back to Work for the Quilter

Clothes to Quilts

Many quilts that I have done for clients begin their life as clothes. They cloth children and adults, get put through storage, then come to be in plastic tubs to cut apart and begin the next stage of their life as a quilt. The most recent set was for a customer with 2 girls. She … More Clothes to Quilts

Flower Garden on the Wall

It all started with a trip to the new quilt shop in town called the Fabric Garden… I came away with 6 fat quarters and an idea from a sample on the wall. First step…cut all fabric into 2.5″ strips. Put them in order. With my ever present helper. Sew them all together in boxes … More Flower Garden on the Wall