Quick Tip – Sewing Machine Tension Issues

When your sewing machine, is acting weird, thread is breaking, skipping stitches, getting incorrect readings on the screens of your electronic machine, loops on the back from you top thread, tight stitches, loose stitches…whatever…and you don’t know what is wrong…before you take it in, follow the next few steps to see if it is a … More Quick Tip – Sewing Machine Tension Issues

My Most Recent Acquisition

This is my machine. I got it about 15-17 years ago. A Bernina and she has treated me very well. A couple weeks ago, she got sick and it was about that time that I began to think of giving her a much needed retirement. Not putting her away for ever, but giving her some … More My Most Recent Acquisition

Repairing the Old but Special

I made a quilt for my Grandma and Grandpa #1 for their 50th wedding anniversary in 1998. While it is special because I made it for them, what adds to that, is the signature of every one in the family that is on it. Before the gift was given we had all the family members … More Repairing the Old but Special

It is Finished…

The couch and chair are complete! I made a delivery on Thursday to a happy customer. Remember what it looked like when I got it?It was kinda unsightly, with normal wear and tare including cat and kid damage. I received a couch and chair. I know wish I had photos of the before complete with … More It is Finished…

It’s Home

After 4 weeks at the Doc’s my Sewing Machine is home. I missed it greatly. It went in when the needle decided to stop going up and down…Major problem. Thankfully my sister’s machine was here and I could use it. Christmas with out hand made gifts from Auntie Em…what a tragedy that would have been. … More It’s Home