That one day I spent lots at the Quilt shop

Yeah…that was today, but it wasn’t all for me…in fact only 3 yards of the about 30 yards was for me. First, there was some heavy neutral cotton for Sammy’s weighted blanket. Yes it is plain, but then we can make lots of duvets for more excitement. Then this lovely Brown stripe to accompany the … More That one day I spent lots at the Quilt shop

T-Shirt Quilt Challenge

I met with a new customer a couple months ago that provided me with a challenge. I was given 7 shirts and asked to make a t-shirt quilt for his wife. When asked what her style/colors were…I was given modern and neutral. Normally a queen size quilt takes 25-30 shirts, if arranged in a standard … More T-Shirt Quilt Challenge

First T-Shirt Quilt from Eppies Great Race

I have to admit, I haven’t received the response I expected from being a vendor at Eppies Great Race. I thought with all those people, more orders would have happened by now…but maybe these things come in time. There was a lot of positive feedback from those that stopped by and hopefully more orders for  … More First T-Shirt Quilt from Eppies Great Race


I need to brag on God a minute. Let me tell you a story of what he did for me this weekend. It might me a little long…but it’s in the details that God’s grace shines through. Friday night I had a quilt on the machine that I needed off by Saturday morning for a … More Bragging

Memory Quilts

This last month I created several memory quilts for a few customers. From T-shirt quilts to baby clothes to the clothes from a lost loved one, each one has it’s place. A few years ago I was commissioned by my cousin to make a quilt for her daughter with the T-shirts she collected throughout grade … More Memory Quilts

I’m still alive and quilting…

While I have been off the scene of action on the web…I haven’t been idle. A variety of projects have been finished just with in the last couple weeks.This is the second quilt I have done for this customer. It’s a fun pattern. I echo quilted with in the pinwheels. In the cream background and … More I’m still alive and quilting…